Our New Look!

The year of 20113 we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Christ Memorial Baptist Church.  The entire year we had different functions to celebrate.  

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This is the finished foyer!  Didn't they do a great job that we can be proud to "show everyone"?
Christ Memorial Baptist Church
Dover, DE
​Pastor Jeff Collins                                                     302-697-7924
Replacing the time capsule for another 50 years!
New sidewalk to aid those in need of assistance.
August 2015
Putting up the new steeple 
August 24, 2015
Removing the old steeple
Strapping the new steeple to lift it up to the roof
Up it goes!  Almost there!
Made it safe and sound
Hey that's a long ways up there!!!  This wasn't in my job description!  Removing the top harness.
All hands on deck!  Inside the church bolting the steeple on safely.
Look at the finished product...All glory to God!
Say goodbye to an old friend.
This steeple has been donated to Habitat, who will refurbish it and allow a church to use it again for many years.
Sidewalk in progress
Finished Sidewalk!  Big help to those who could use a little assistance.
Work had to be done to "prep" for the new steeple
CMBC Receives a Historic Bell

Maxine Griffin was the first member of CMBC to ring the historic bell that has been donated to our church.  The bell, donated by Joe & Theresa Nicola of Wyoming, originally hung in the old 
schoolhouse in Townsend, DE.  Joe picked it up at an auction and was offering it for sale at a yard sale.  Pastor Jeff met him there and discussed purchasing the bell, but the Nicolas felt that it would be best used at the church and they wanted the church to have it through a donation.  The Properties & Grounds Minsintry is in the process of deciding how to restore the bell and hang it properly.  It will be used to call people to church, to celebrate weddings, to mark the passing of loved ones and to ring our significant community events.  The Nicolas are delightful people and also the only beekeepers in the area.  Make it a point to meet them and try some of their honey!