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Head of the Church: Jesus Christ

Missionaries: Every member

Pastor: Rev. Jeffrey A. Collins

Moderator:  Woody Curtis

Church Clerk: Cheryl Soyster

Treasurer: Bob Wikso, Jr

Deacons: Bob (director) & Joan Brown, Peggy Curtis, Dale & Mary Dobrinski, Doug & Trudy Goodermuth, David & Nancy Majors, Roddy Marks, Al Thomas (Deacon for Life)

Director of Finance: Theron Boots

Financial Secretary: Carolyn Kersey

        Assistants: Peggy Curtis  & Helen Ruiz

Director of Property & Grounds:  Theron Boots
Director of Worship:  Woody Curtis
Directors of Missions:  Amy Finley & Sally Gordy
Director of Outreach:  Thelma Schaller
CLDC Director:  Pam Taylor
Director of Fellowship:  Anne Kearns
Sunday School Superintendent:  Joyce Banschbach


Bob & Joan Brown
Peggy Curtis
Dale & Mary Dobrinski
Doug & Trudy Goodermuth
David & Nancy Majors
Roddy Marks
Alfred Thomas

Shepherding Lists

With the addition of new deacons, the Shepherding lists have been realigned.  The list is posted on the bulletin board in the lobby.
Christ Memorial Baptist Church
Dover, DE
​Pastor Jeff Collins                                                     302-697-7924