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Our BeliefsWednesday Nights

Lead by Pastor Jeff & Bob 
Children's choir of Casa de Esperanza, our sister church
Songs led by Pastor Eric and others
Skit presented by Casa de Esperanza members
Ice Cream Social following the Music Fest.
A big Thank you to Trudy for organizing and heading up this successful event!

Old Fashion Potluck Picnic
Sept. 31, 2014

Second Music Fest
Sept. 12, 2014

Songs for everyone
Of course there was deserts for everyone!
Christ Memorial Baptist Church
Dover, DE
​Pastor Jeff Collins                                                     302-697-7924

Enjoyed by all ages!  From the youngest to our Senior Members!!!

Food and games for everyone

Outreach Yard Sale
April 18, 2015
Monies went for new church banners

Missionaires to Burkinaso Faso, Africa
 Molly & Ben Collins
Speak at a luncheon April 26,  2015

Members of Christ Memorial Baptist Church

From a new beginning to celebrating 50 Years together!

"Woody" & Peggy Curtis
Linda & Jerry Barr

Veterans Reception
November 15, 2015

Table for George Harris
Metals of George Harris
George & Jean Harris at the reception
Larry Harris remembers his father's service
Guests of Honor with Pastor Jeff & Robert Williams
Deb Valainis remembers her father's service
Table for Al Thomas
Al Thomas arrives at the reception
Some members of the Thomas family
​Guests enjoying fellowship at the reception
Honor Guard - Alex & Isabel Tonkay
Robert Williams 
Guest Organist - Leona Kelly Hutchins
Photos of our church members who serviced 
 The   Browns,   Bob  and Joan working the Child evangelism table at OLD DOVER DAYS
Ladys Tea may 7th 2016
 Photos of the Christmas Variety program